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Love of Music

Posted on Jul 28, 2015

Excerpt from a book on Harvey Quayman

“Early in our friendship Harvey Quayman made me a gift of his cherished copy of Artur Schnabel’s My Life and Music. Years later, he titled a painting after the pianist’s book. Quayman’s tread, as a visual artist, was always tempered by his inner ear, alert to intervals played out in time and space. While Quayman was a highly literate painter, well acquainted with all the arts and their history, I believe he felt the deepest affinities with what his idol Schnabel called the ‘direct musician’, who is a gardener, while the indirect musician is a botonist. During a question period after the lectures that make up his book, Schnabel was asked what the ideal should be for a person performing music, and ‘if it all comes from within a person’. Without hesitation he responded: ‘Love has to be the starting point – love of music. It is one of my firmest convictions, that love always produces some knowledge, while knowledge only rarely produces something similar to love’.”