ROART » Harlem Pyrite




A crystal is a solid bound by plane faces – an external expression of an inner order. The crystals of a city are the people who live there and form its identity – a diverse set of cultures boiling under the surface waiting for the precise moment to solidify into a new whole.

To form a community we must believe that a new internal order can emerge through the negotiation of will and the value of compromise, creating and forming infinite and changing faces of our perception of togetherness. Like a mineral it is only under particular conditions of growth that these faces are formed. Two essential conditions that melt us together are language and a belief in the possibilities offered by the place we choose to call home.

Facing the Tri-borough Bridge, a gateway to the city, and welcoming everyone arriving to New York from the northeast, Harlem Pyrite will be a center for culture and opportunity, and an anchor for the new park, shopping center and residential towers which will form the new neighborhood. By offering language and vocational instruction it will provide the tools people need to live and work together and the conditions required for a community to crystallize and take shape.